Pack 88 strives to provide our scouts with the best possible scouting experience possible. Even though, BSA is a volunteer origination, there are still costs for the events and materials provided. That cost is $220.00 per scout for the year. To operate we require a payment of $110, that is due by July. This is the only payment we require from you directly. The remainder of balance we want the scouts to obtain through our fundraising events.

The Pack 88 Car Wash in October is our primary fundraising event, and we ask each scout to participate. It is a way for the scouts to earn their way through scouting. The Scout Law says "a scout is thrifty", and this will allow them to understand what that means. We will be asking every scout to raise at least $150.00 in fundraising. This will provide the pack with the remaining funds to operate and provide prizes for the scouts hard earned work.

If for any reason your scout is not able to participate in the fundraising events, the remaining balance of $110.00 is all that is required, due by the November Pack meeting.

At the moment all payments can be made by following this link

For your convenience we are currently updating our payment options. Please help us by making sure all payments include your scout's name, den, and the reason for the payment. Thank You