How to be a Cub Scout

The Cub Scouting program takes place at two levels. Your scout will be a part of a den, a small group of boys and girls in the same grade level who usually meet weekly.  All dens, from grades K through 5, make up a pack. Once a month, the dens, with their families, are together at the pack meeting, where each scout show off the new skills they have learned during the month and are recognized for the badges they have earned. All scouts, when they join, earn the Bobcat badge first. Your den leader will show you how.

Pack 88 Specifics

Within Pack 88 are honored to lead: Lions (kindergarten) will meet every other week. Our Tigers (first-graders), Wolves (second-graders), Bears (third-graders), and Webelos Scouts (fourth and fifth graders) meet weekly.

Once a month, all dens and family members gather for a Pack Meeting. This is a fun gathering under the direction of the Pack 88 Cub Master.  At a our pack meetings  we present awards, play games, preform skits, sing songs, and find out what the other dens have been doing. It is truly a family event.

Interested in Pack 88?

1. Say Hi! Use the Contact Pack 88 link and get connected with our Membership Coordinator.
2. With their help, coordinate your child’s visit to one of our Tuesday night meetings.  REMINDER: a parent or guardian must always be present.
3. After participating in a meeting decide if scouting is right for you.
4. For your convenience you can now complete your Scout Registration online! Our Membership Coordinator will guide you through the process.

How to volunteer in Cub Scouting

In Cub Scouting there are so many opportunities to volunteer.  You want to get involved, but you’re not sure where to start.  Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started.  Remember not every volunteer in Cub Scouting wears a uniform.  Everyone has different skills and ways they can contribute to make the Cub Scouting experience meaningful.  No matter how you want to get involved, thank you for making the first move to volunteer with Cub Scouts.

To learn more about Volunteering from our Grand Canyon Council  click HERE.

To jump in and start your training with Pack 88’s step by step to New Leader Training click HERE.