Blue and Gold Banquet

  • Don your robe and pack your trunk because on February 16th we are meeting on platform 9¾ and heading to Hogwarts. The Bears of Pack 88 invite you to the annual Blue and Gold Banquet.
    This year’s theme is: Harry Potter

    On Saturday, February 16th from 6pm to 8pm come meet us at the Leaky Caldron (A.K.A the First United Methodist Church of Gilbert’s Activity Center) for Feast and Fun.

    ° Get sorted into your house
    ° Be chosen by your wand
    ° Play Quidditch
    ° Attend Potions Class
    ° Divine you Future
    ° Visit Honeydukes Sweets Shoppe
    ° Create your own Lava Lamp
    ° Find your Animal Familiar
    ° Compete to win your own Liquid Luck
    ° Get you picture taken in the Daily Prophet

    Pack 88 Scouts are Free. We do appreciate if you buy your tickets by 2/12/2019, but we will take last minute drop-ins at the door for $7.

    Tell your friends who are not scouts to come with you, Lord Voldemort is not invited.

Pack 88 Scouts (children under 3) are free. $5.15 per guest. 

Total # of Tickets Needed
Scout’s name (free)
# of Guests 12 or under

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